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What is AWS Cloud?

Introduction to AWS Cloud

Welcome to the “AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials” certification training. Today we are going to explore the AWS cloud together.

This lecture is for those who want to become a cloud learner. To be able to do that, you must understand and understand what cloud computing is (cloud computing).

According to the basic definition, cloud computing provides information technology resources and applications on demand on the internet platform.

Before the advent of cloud computing, we always had a headache in building data centers with the prediction of how much the maximum usage demand would be.

Since we can’t predict the customer’s needs precisely, it has created a headache for designers. The customer will incur certain damages if the construction designs exceed the maximum.

If our plan exceeds our maximum need, we will have to pay extra for resources we don’t need. And, of course, no customer will be happy to take out their wallet to pay more for costs incurred beyond the initial budget.

With cloud computing, instead of designing and building our data centers, we can access the existing data center and all its resources through the internet. That allows us to solve the initial problem efficiently and scale based on the company’s actual needs without thinking about the worst-case scenario. may happen.

With AWS Cloud, we can reduce risks, program computer automation to closely meet usage needs, and ensure reliable coverage even when faced with different challenges such as natural disasters and, above all, the security of our data. I’m going to give you a brief overview and overview of how it all helps you do all of that. 

A. Risk Management

You can reduce risk by becoming more agile with cloud computing, enhancing your ability to adapt to change quickly. This flexibility and Agility contribute in no small way to minimizing change costs.

So how can your company minimize the risk when a significant investment in IT does not yield the expected returns and results? You focus on results while investing, and once we realize that the outcome is not feasible, we will have to change and pivot as soon as possible. So how do you minimize security risks? With frequent testing, quick orientation, and super-fast response to incidents at the speed of light – this is a critical component of new and modern security models.

Cloud computing allows businesses to react quickly and flexibly to rapidly changing market circumstances. This disruptive technology facilitates scalability, flexibility, and innovation. Besides, it is possible to automate application deployment, set up security corridors, and comply with standard rules. And pre-developed services can quickly assemble to form a complete building block, laying the foundation for developing the company’s software products.

B. Scalability

Let’s talk about that scalability. In cloud computing, the term scalability means the ability to resize your resources as necessary. One of the primary benefits of AWS is the ability to use services at your own pace. Let’s say you’re a florist. Every year in February, you need to hire more staff and rent more delivery vans so that you’re ready for Valentine’s Day. That’s scaling up. Then after the holiday, you need to scale back to normal levels. It works the same way in the cloud. By using AWS, customers can grow, shrink, and adapt their consumption of services to meet seasonal requirements, launch new services or products, or accommodate new strategic directions.

The AWS Cloud delivers a scalable computing platform designed for high availability and dependability, providing tools to help you run a wide range of applications.

C. Agility

One main reason companies are moving to the cloud is increased Agility. Let’s talk about that for a minute. Three of the main factors that influence Agility are:

  • Increasing speed
  • The ease of experimentation
  • And cultivating a culture of innovation

Below is an explanation of how these factors help organizations become more agile.

It can be cost-prohibitive to put your data centers where your customers are, especially if they’re all over the globe. But using AWS can help without necessitating a considerable investment. 

Because AWS facilities are worldwide, you can have a global reach with just a moment’s notice.

In cloud computing, new resources are only a click away. So you can make those resources available to your developers in just minutes.

In cloud computing, it’s easy to access new resources, which can help you be more agile and more innovative and spend less time focusing on infrastructure. For example, with AWS, you can:

  • Spin up servers in minutes, and
  • Shut down servers when you don’t need them or put them to work for another purpose.

The use of virtual and automatable resources allows you to quickly perform comparison testing between different instances, storage configurations, and storage designs. For example, by using AWS CloudFormation, you have access to a consistent, template-based environment for development, testing, and production purposes with increasing levels of operational control. 

Cloud computing allows you to experiment quickly, with low cost and low risk. AWS allows for more experimentation, more often, which can lead to the discovery of innovations and new configurations.

D. Elasticity

So like Agility, elasticity is also a powerful force in cloud computing. Elasticity is the power to scale computing resources up or down quickly. So let’s talk about that. Because the AWS Cloud is elastic, you can:

  • Quickly deploy new applications
  • Instantly scale up as the workload grows, and
  • Immediately shut down resources that are no longer required.

So whether you need a virtual server or thousands of computing resources for a few hours or 24/7, AWS provides an elastic infrastructure that can meet your needs.

Using AWS tools such as Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can automatically scale up or down as much as needed. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, you can access computing and storage resources whenever required.

The AWS platform allows you to rapidly scale your system globally at minimal cost while providing your customers with a better customer experience and lower latency. Thanks to the efficiencies of scale, customers can use innovative services and cutting-edge technology without going through multiple procurement cycles and expensive evaluations. AWS provides capabilities to support virtually any workload. This level of innovation gives customers continued access to the latest technology.

E. Reliability

Reliability is a system’s ability to recover from infrastructure or service failures. Reliability means acquiring resources to meet demand and mitigate disruptions in cloud computing.

When achieving reliability, your architecture and systems must have a well-planned foundation that handles changes in demand, detects failures, and automatically heals itself.

By using AWS, organizations can achieve greater flexibility and capacity, reducing the uncertainty of forecasting hardware needs. Additionally, the scale of AWS gives customers the ability and reliability that it is difficult for on-premises solutions to match.

Reliability is a vital component of the AWS Cloud. That’s why Amazon’s data centers are hosted worldwide in what we call AWS Regions.

G. Availability Zones

Availability Zones consist of one or more distinct data centers with redundant power, networking, and connectivity.

So when you use the AWS Cloud, you can place resources like instances and data in multiple locations. That lends itself nicely to reliability because if you host all of your servers in a single area, and that location was to fail, none of your resources would be available.

Utilizing availability zones enables you to run production databases and applications that are more fault-tolerant, highly available, and scalable than what is achievable from a single data center.

The structure of our Availability Zones is intentional and directly related to fault tolerance. Fault tolerance means a system can remain operational even if some of the components of that system fail. Think of it as the built-in redundancy of an application’s features. High availability ensures that your systems are always functioning and accessible, and downtime is minimized as much as possible without human intervention.

H. AWS Security

Finally, let’s review the security of our customer’s data, which is a top priority for Amazon. If you’re an Amazon customer, you retain complete control and ownership over your data, including which region you store it in, how you handle encryption, and who holds the encryption keys, making it easy to meet regional compliance and data residency requirements.

Before cloud computing, auditing an infrastructure’s security was time-consuming and manual. Because it was so laborious, the Audit team usually did it intermittently. Now the AWS Cloud allows you to continually monitor your IT resources so that you can spot any changes at once and respond if necessary.

AWS also offers industry-leading capabilities across facilities, networks, software, and business processes so that our services meet the strictest security requirements. Let’s go over why our security capabilities are world-class. Our highly secure data centers use state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Our data centers are also staffed 24/7 by trained security guards, and access is strictly regulated. AWS designed environmental systems in a way to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations. Additionally, you can maintain resilience in the face of the majority of failures, such as natural disasters or system failures, thanks to our several geographic areas and Availability Zones.

Since AWS assets are programmable resources, developers can build your security policy into the infrastructure.

AWS provides global cloud-based solutions such as computing, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security, and corporate applications. These services assist businesses in scaling, reducing IT expenses, and moving more quickly. Giant corporations and the most exciting start-ups rely on AWS to handle various workloads, including online and mobile apps, game development, data processing, warehousing, storage, archives, etc.

Throughout this course, we’ll talk more about specific services and features of the AWS cloud. I hope you join me for more discussions on AWS Cloud computing.



Hello, my name is Phan Minh Hung, and I am the founder of this website. Toi Code Moi Ngay = Everyday I Code (Vietnamese => English)

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